Flying Monkey - Funny Gorilla


Story line :

Flying Monkey - Funny Gorilla epic flying game with extreme flying features. This gorrilla is on a flying mission and while this orangutan is on a mission he has to pass through multiple obstacles. Flying monkey is caught dumbfounding in these flying games. This flying gorilla has all his family with him the Baboon, chimpanzee, spider monkey and all other funny little monkeys with him in this quest. A fun environment of fly games where there is Gorilla fighting between Mountain gorilla and the Kong and everybody wants to become the gorilla king. There will be many obstacles in this gorrilla game as Orangutan, Spider monkey, Baboon, Chimpanzee all are chasing each other in the quest of food and supremacy over this gorilla kingdom. There are different modes in these flying games where you limitlessly become a dumbfounding fly guy and fly through mountains and ponds of this scenic jungle simulator. It’s a new take on monkey games where there is a funny gorilla and an attacking gorilla and when they are in the middle of gorilla fighting with each other things start to get funnier and interesting. Be a flying monkey or a flying gorilla it’s up to you what you have to become in these monkey games. Experience new environments in every map of these gorilla games and learn to fight new opponents at every turn to be a new champion in this gorilla game.

Game play: Flying Monkey - Funny Gorilla
Become a fly guy in these fly games while maneuvering through obstacles & become a mountain gorilla while collecting food, coins and making a home for your monkey family. You have to support the orangutan, spider monkey, baboon, chimpanzee and make them chase you in these monkey games. Don’t get caught while being dumbfounding in these Gorilla games as while being funny gorilla you have to save your energy and pass-through loops and hoops to save yourself the attacking gorilla as well. Adding new gameplay of Godzilla fights Kong to give you more challenging experience of this flying gorilla game.

Exciting missions:
Gorilla run with your opponents
Become gorilla king in this gorilla kingdom
Enjoy gorilla simulator and experience jungle environment
The Kong fights with flying gorilla in this gorilla game.
New features will soon be coming of Godzilla fights Kong
Gorilla simulator with gorilla run b/w flying monkey and spider monkey.